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Steph'isticated in Heels FAQ's

The answers to all commonly asked questions! Woosaaa, you've got this!

What Type Of Shoe Do I Wear?

1. Always wear an ankle supporting shoe. The dynamic of your foot and ankle will be twisting in many directions, your ankle needs support.


2. Heel Length: Beginners do not wear a high heel. If you cannot run or skip in them, consider a different heel length. Daring Divas, if you want to take your experience to another level, try increasing the heel length.

3. Open toe or Closed toe? From a dancer's experience is nice to let your foot breath, pointing your toes is essential, and it's just sexier with an open-toe shoe.

Recommendation: 2-3 inches for beginners

4 inches and up for professionals

Do I Have to Wear Heels?

It is a heel class, right? Although it's not a requirement, in order to get the full heels experience, it is suggested to wear heels. Like anything else that is foreign to your body, your feet will eventually get used to it. Trust, it does get better. You will not regret it, well maybe for the first class! 

Heels Dance Class
StephanyLynn in Tom Papa-Netflix.JPG

I'm Nervous, I'm not a Dancer!

Your're not a dancer? Perfect! This class is designed for you! SL Stars are part of the encourage culture! The goal is to embrace the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone. Don't worry, own it. After a few sessions of SIH, you will be a renowned woman.


You will learn the industry secrets on how to dance in heels. Lines, beveling, pointed toes, performance face, and "tikky tikky boom pah" will be part of your vocabulary after a SIH experience.  


Don't want to come to a walk-in class?  We have private classes and private parties for any celebration where you can be surrounded by your friends and peers.  

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